Laura Woods ‘month long hangover’ from summer ending with Love Island romance

A summer of partying and “saying yes to all the fun” left Laura Woods with an agonising “one-month hangover.”

The last few months have seen some huge changes take place in the iconic presenter’s life. She emotionally stepped down from her role as breakfast host for TalkSPORT and took on a new opportunity with TNT Sports.

Luckily for her, she had a one month window to let loose and recover some energy before she linked up with the broadcasting company. As is often the case when boozy fun has been had, Woods found herself with the mother of all hangovers.

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"[I thought] As soon as I give up breakfast I'm going to be going to yoga every day, I'm going to be in the gym all the time,” she said to the Monday Mile podcast. “But I must have slept for about two months!

"It took a while for that motivation to kick in and then it did for a while. And then it peaked and I went to the gym and did everything I wanted to do and then I went out and I started drinking and I was like 'This is great!'

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"So I just started saying yes to everything, saying yes to all the fun. So I went through that period and now feel like I've had a hangover for what feels like a month."

During that period, Woods managed to cram in a trip to Cornwall, many music festivals, Ascot races and many more. Most famously of all, she also began dating Love Island star Adam Collard.

After many spins on the rumour mill, the pair both went public on their respective Instagram profiles. The hefty reality television star also told the Mirror that he feels like a lucky man to be with the broadcasting powerhouse.

"It's going great, you know. She's amazing and we are having a lot of fun. It feels like I'm living the dream."

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